Jim Beam® Rye Whiskey

Jim Beam® Rye: Look for the Yellow Label

Aged 4 Years. 80 Proof.

The best-selling American straight rye whiskey is made with 51% rye, so it's drier and spicier than its sweet bourbon cousins. Spending four years in charred oak barrels makes it a complex 80-proof straight rye whiskey that's spicy, bold and flavorful—the perfect choice for any whiskey cocktail.

Jim Beam 7 Year®: Look for the Red Cap

Aged 7 Years. 80 Proof.

Aged three years longer than traditional Jim Beam®, adding even more intense flavor. Yet it's wonderfully balanced and smooth, powerful but not overpowering.

Jim Beam® Green Label Bourbon

Jim Beam's Choice®: Look for the Green Label

Aged 5 Years. 80 Proof.

Filtered through charcoal before bottling, then aged five years. The process creates a golden color and pure, clean taste with a sweetness and depth.

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