Montgomery Gentry

Montgomery Gentry

Since winning Jim Beam's National Talent Contest in 1994, Montgomery Gentry has been a cornerstone of one of the most important movements in country music. And with their newest album they show no signs of stopping. The CD, 'Rebels on the Run,' is the result of a year full of ups, downs, and bold choices both personally and professionally — a combination of factors that have led to powerful songs you won't soon forget.

Eddie and troy on bold choices

"I guess the boldest choice I ever made was to see a doctor at the end of last year. I'm not the kind of guy that really likes to go to a doctor for anything so for me to say, "I've got this pain, can you check it out?" was a big deal. He did an x-ray on my hip and saw something else on there that led to us finding out I had cancer. Luckily he caught it early and now I'm fine!"

"There's actually a line in our new single "Where I Come From" - "Where I come from, there's a man done wrong going to make it right". It's always a bold choice to make it right when you've done wrong."


Rebels on the Run

  1. Damn Right I Am
  2. Ain't No Law Against That
  3. Damn Baby
  4. Empty
  5. Where I Come From
  6. I Like Those People
  7. Rebels on the Run
  8. Simple Things
  9. Missing You
  10. So Called Life
  11. Work Hard, Play Harder

Back When I Knew It All

  1. The Big Revival
  2. Long Line of Losers
  3. Now You're Talkin'
  4. Back When I Knew It All
  5. Roll With Me
  6. One In Every Crowd
  7. Look Some More
  8. I Pick My Parties (Featuring Toby Keith)
  9. One Trip
  10. It Ain't About Easy
  11. God Knows Who I Am (Featuring Lillie Mae Rische of Jypsi)

Some People Change

  1. Some People Change
  2. Hey Country
  3. Lucky Man
  4. Takes All Kinds
  5. Your Tears Are Comin'
  6. Clouds
  7. Twenty Years Ago
  8. What Do Ya Think About That
  9. Redder Than That
  10. Man's Job
  11. If You Wanna Keep an Angel
  12. Free Ride in the Fast Lane

You Do Your Thing

  1. Something To Be Proud Of
  2. You Do Your Thing
  3. If You Ever Stop Loving Me
  4. If It's The Last Thing I Do
  5. She Loved Me
  6. Gone
  7. All I Know About Mexico
  8. I Got Drunk
  9. It's All Good
  10. I Ain't Got It All That Bad
  11. Talking To My Angel
  12. I Never Thought I'd Live This Long

My Town

  1. My Town (Piano Intro)
  2. My Town
  3. Break My Heart Again
  4. Scarecrow
  5. Bad for Good
  6. Speed
  7. Hell Yeah
  8. Lonesome
  9. Why Do I Feel Like Running
  10. Free Fall
  11. Lie Before You Leave
  12. For the Money
  13. Good Clean Fun

Carrying On

  1. She Couldn't Change Me
  2. My Father's Son
  3. The Fine Line
  4. Cold One Comin' On
  5. While the World Goes Down the Drain
  6. Hellbent on Saving Me
  7. Carrying On
  8. Ramblin' Man
  9. Black Jack Fletcher and Mississippi Sam
  10. Lucky to Be Here
  11. Too Hard to Handle... Too Free to Hold
  12. Tried and True

Tattoos and Scars

  1. Hillbilly Shoes
  2. Trying to Survive
  3. Lonely and Gone
  4. A Self-Made Man
  5. Daddy Won't Sell the Farm
  6. If a Broken Heart Could Kill
  7. I've Loved a Lot More Than I've Hurt
  8. Didn't Your Mama Tell Ya'
  9. Trouble Is
  10. Tattoos and Scars
  11. All Night Long

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