Constant. Guaranteed. Like gravity. Sunsets. Taxes. But a hell of a lot more satisfying. The same bourbon. Made pretty much the same way. By the same family. For 213 years. Sweet. Satisfying. Seductive. This is the world's #1 bourbon. For a reason. Or several. Jim Beam® Seven generations of craftsmanship go into every bottle. Ingredients: Corn, rye, barley malt, water, time and pride.

Distinctively fruity. Satiny and judiciously sweet. With true bourbon warmth. One sip and you know:You've found a different breed of bourbon. An extraordinarily delicious experience created with four-year-old Jim Beam® Bourbon and natural black cherry flavors.

Elegant. Smooth. Refined. That's what eight years of aging will do to a bourbon. Until it's sweet like caramel. Meant to be sipped. Savored. Jim Beam Black® It's not bragging if you can back it up. And the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago gave Jim Beam Black® the highest rating among leading North American whiskeys in 2003. We knew that beforehand. But it's nice to have some confirmation.

As bourbon ages, a portion of the liquid is lost from the barrel due to evaporation—that’s the “Angel’s Share.” But the whiskey left trapped within the wood? We call that the “Devil’s Cut.”

Spicy. Bold. Flavorful. The unexpected, exceptional rye whiskey of the Beam Bourbon family is a little different. OK, maybe a lot different. Drier and spicier than its sweet Bourbon cousins, Jim Beam® Rye adds character and depth to any whiskey cocktail making it the best-selling American straight rye whiskey out there. Jim Beam® Rye A mash bill of 51% rye and four years in the darkness of charred oak barrels creates a complex 80-proof straight rye whiskey.

What would Jim Beam choose? Here's what. It's called Jim Beam® Choice. And it's our only charcoal-filtered Bourbon. Jim Beam® Choice Aged for 60 months for sweetness with depth. Filtered through charcoal for a pure, clean taste. Golden in color means rich in character.

Ever get the 7-year itch? If not, you're missing out. On a character-rich bourbon. Intense. Flavorful. Balanced. Smooth. Exclusive. And more. Much more. Jim Beam® 7-year Seven years of aging adds depth. Really, how could it not? The balance of flavor is powerful. But not overpowering. In fact, you might call it just right.

Jim Beam® Bourbons

When Jacob Beam made the bold move of cooking up his first batch of bourbon whiskey back in 1795, debts were settled with duels. The American Dream was still taking shape. And you added more horsepower by, well, adding another horse.

A lot has changed over the past 215 years. But here at Jim Beam, we're proud to say that things have remained more or less the same. We've spent all that time painstakingly and passionately perfecting Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. We're proud that the world's finest bourbon is still made by the same family, pretty much the same way. That's how it's been for for seven generations.

Which is not to say we're stuck in the past. We've added to Jacob's first creation, now known as Jim Beam® Bourbon, by crafting a whole family of bourbons. Some are aged longer to add a little more character and complexity. One of our whiskeys is filtered through charcoal for a more rounded and mature taste. Another offers a spicy rye flavor. And a few are made in small batches, the way bourbon used to be made. They can be light and delicate. Creamy and elegant. Smooth. Balanced. Chewy. Crisp. In fact, we're convinced there's a bourbon whiskey for everyone.

Ready to make a bold call? Find the Jim Beam® bourbon that's right for you.

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Jim Beam® WhiteJim Beam® White
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Jim Beam® BlackJim Beam® Black
Jim Beam® Devil's Cut™Jim Beam® Devil's Cut™
Jim Beam® Rye WhiskeyJim Beam® Rye
Jim Beam® ChoiceJim Beam® Choice
Jim Beam ® Seven YearJim Beam ® Seven Year

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