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Denver International Spirits Competition
Gold Medal — 2015

Ultimate Spirits Competition
93, "Excellent, Highly Recommended — 2015

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"Jim Beam continues their recent trend of innovation with the launch of another intriguing offer... In knowing that much of the bourbon in Devil's Cut will be coming from deep within the wood, we imagine that the bourbon will be rather robust, heavy in tannins, with complex vanilla and oak flavors that should be pretty unmistakable."

—Bob Eidson, The Bourbon Review

"Below are some of our favorites this spring...Devil's Cut ($24), a new offering from one of the country's most enduring distilleries, Jim Beam."

—Playboy Magazine

"No idea how they do it, but I can tell you this—it tastes mighty woody, and quite smoky for a bourbon as well. Interesting stuff."

—Tony Sachs, The Huffington Post

"In the course of about a year, Beam Global has gone from the least innovative company in the industry to arguably the most innovative, and their willingness to bet the flagship brand on these escapades makes it even more impressive."

—Charles K. Cowdery, author of Bourbon, Straight

"[Devil's Cut has] a warm, spicy smell and no sharp finish. However, it doesn't taste quite as woody as I thought a product containing barrel squeezin's would. My verdict: Good stuff."

—Frank Sennett, President and Editor-in-Chief, Time Out Chicago

"We no longer will we have much sympathy for the Devil. In fact, we'll just drink with him as Jim Beam Devil's Cut is created using a revolutionary and proprietary process that maximizes the oak and barrel-derived flavors and aromas in the final product."

—Tom Fischer,

A very full-flavored, tasty whiskey that manages to belie its origin and coloration by being smooth and approachable as well.

—Jack Bettridge,, March 4, 2011

"The whiskey is a winner...Devil's Cut is much smoother and sweeter than its infernal nickname would imply, featuring classic Bourbon character—vanilla and wood—plus an infusion of cinnamon and allspice."

—Christopher Null,

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