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People making choices: That's what moves history forward. Throughout the year, Jim Beam® is celebrating bold choices and the people who made them. These are some of the personalities that have shaped the world—for the better. They demonstrate that life is a series of choices...and when you make yours, you should dare to be true to yourself no matter what.

Jacob Beam

The Pioneer

The country was young and full of revolutionary spirit...and so were Johannes Jacob Boehm and his wife Mary Myers, who boldly took part in America's westward evolution. They started...

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David Beam

The Innovator

Taking the reins of his father's bourbon operation in 1820 at only age 18, David Beam had a maturity and wisdom beyond his years. He balanced two smart mindsets that were perfect for the times:

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David M. Beam

The Visionary

By 1853, when David M. Beam formally assumed control, his family's Old Tub Distillery was already a major player tapping the potential of the industrial revolution. David would have...

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James Beam

The Namesake

Perhaps no other member of the Beam family of leaders handled such a volatile era in the company's history than James Beauregard Beam, who insisted that he be called simply Jim.

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T. Jeremiah Beam

The Mogul

When Jim Beam handed the reins of the company to his son T. Jeremiah in 1943, Jim B. Beam Distilling Company had a new owner—Chicago businessman Harry Blum, son of one of the major...

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Booker Noe

The Virtuoso

T. Jeremiah Beam boldly—and wisely—made Frederick Booker Noe II, his nephew and Jim Beam's grandson, master distiller of JBB Plant #2 in Boston, Kentucky, in 1960.

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Fred Noe

The Ambassador

It is now Fred Noe, Booker Noe's son and Jim Beam's grandson, who keeps the family traditions alive. As the seventh generation of "the first family of distillers," Fred has boldly taken on...

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