Barrels aging in a rackhouse

American Still Life

F. Paul Pacult

So much of an expert on the Beams that most people assume he's related, F. Paul Pacult has a nose, tongue and pen of worldwide renown.

He's an accomplished spirits authority. And his book, American Still Life, chronicles the rise of the world's First Family of Bourbon and its legacy.

These articles go deep on bourbon. How to savor it. How it's made. How to appreciate it. Read on.

Volume 1.
Humble Beginnings: The Dawn of Bourbon Whiskey

Volume 2.
Matters of Taste – Part One: True Bourbon Enjoyment

Volume 3.
Matters of Taste – Part Two: True Bourbon Enjoyment

Volume 4.
Matters of Taste – Part Three: True Bourbon Enjoyment

Volume 5.
Matters of Taste – Part Four: The Zen of Bourbon

Volume 6.
Woodn't It Be Nice? – Part I

Volume 7.
Woodn't It Be Nice? – Part II

Volume 8.
Coming to Terms

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